Services offered by Port Service s.r.o.

The basis of our service is customs clearance with all accompanying procedures in all major European ports and complete customs procedures in the Czech Republic.

What can we arrange for you?

  • Export Customs Services
    We will provide a simplified procedure and CCR, certificate of origin, customs clearance in DE/SK
  • Import Customs Services
    Electronic customs procedure, simplified procedures, customs debt guarantee, CCR, economic regimes
  • Transit documents
    Issuance of transit documents at Czech, Slovak, German and Belgian customs offices (T1, T2), liability for customs debt
  • Issuance of B-numbers / ZAPP-numbers
  • Fiscal representation
  • Issuance of ATB numbers
  • Phyto (Phytosanitary) certificates
  • Airport services
    Including customs clearance and short-term storage
  • Intrastat
  • Customs warehouse
    Also provided on the customer's premises
  • Customs controls
    Provision of customs control in ports, provision of X-rays and examinations
  • Veterinary certificates and inspection
    We are connected to the systems of the Veterinary Offices of Hamburg and Bremerhaven
  • Special commodities
    Permits for the transport of special commodities such as weapons and ammunition
  • Information service
    Consultation and advice in the area of customs regulation in the EU

New product for container train providers

Simplified mode for T1 from Belgium, Germany, Poland and Slovakia

Antverp     HHLA

Bremerhaven     SPAP

Own IT solutions

All our services are supported by our own IT solution, which enables direct data transfer from/to the customer and the system supplier, thus providing high-quality services for a great price.

24 hours, 7 days a week

Our team of experts will solve NON-STOP requirements in relation to the customs procedure in all areas of competence of the Czech customs administration, as well as your requirements for freight transport from/to Hamburg or Bremerhaven.

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